Harley-Davidson adopts RFID in South Africa

Points of sale
Tag encoding
Automatic inventory & tracking
Loss prevention
AdvanPay installed on the checkout desks
Employee using AdvanScan in Harley Davidson store

Harley Davidson outlet stores in Cape Town and Durban, South Africa, have adopted RFID for inventory, payment and loss-prevention.


The project, managed and integrated by Flex Digital, includes AdvanCloud software with AdvanPrint and AdvanScan, for quick and accurate stock counts,

AdvanPay-120 to reduce payment queues and AdvanSafe-200 for loss-prevention.


This deployment is providing great benefits to Harley Davidson:


  • Improved stock accuracy from ~60% to 99%.
  • Reduction in stock management costs
  • Optimized stock holding
  • Better purchasing decisions
  • Reduction in shrinkage
99% Stock accuracy
Shrinkage reduced
Stock management cost reduced

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