Automatic inventory & tracking

RFID handheld reader
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Handheld RFID inventory system

AdvanScan is an RFID inventory and encoding system based on an Android-based handheld and direct upload of data to the cloud.


This inventory system obtains the inventory of products in a space with a high read-rate (typically above 98%), and uploads the inventory data to the cloud (AdvanCloud).


AdvanScan provides visual inventory: product description and images of the read items can be shown on the screen. This allows the user to easily verify which products have been identified, accelerating processes and reducing errors.


Together with AdvanPrint

AdvanScan can be used for encoding RFID tags on its own (without an RFID printer).  In addition, it can also print and encode RFID soft tags by using it together with AdvanPrint (RFID printer solution).


AdvanScan works with WiFi and avoids the need to use any local computer. It’s plug & play.

Business processes improved

  • Goods in: verifying that the received products are correct against an ASN (Advance Shipping Notice).
  • Inventory.
  • Pick list: items to take from the backroom to the sales floor.
  • Discrepancies: differences between the RFID inventory and the stock information in the IT system of the retailer.
  • Returns:items to send back to the distribution centre or to another store.

Bussiness benefits of the product

Increase of product availability
Reduction of out-of-stocks
Reduction of shrinkage
Very easy to use: needs only 3 clicks to make an inventory and upload it to the cloud
Plug and play
No need of an external computer