Code of Ethics

About our company

  • Health and safety are the number one priority in the company. No other objective, no matter how important, can justify putting anyone’s health and safety at risk. We will organize all of our processes to strive for zero incidents. Every one of us will take an active role in that goal.
  • An atmosphere of cooperation based on trust and respect is fundamental both to make Keonn a desirable place to work and an efficient business. Every one of us will take an active role to keep it that way. No disrespect will be tolerated in the workplace.
  • A zero-tolerance policy will be applied to the most serious forms of disrespect such as harassment or bullying.
  • Everyone working at Keonn will be of legal age, will be covered by a contract under the applicable law, and will be entitled to the rights and benefits under the current legislation.
  • Everyone at Keonn will be evaluated exclusively by their performance, and no other factors will be taken into account.
  • When hiring, diversity of all kinds will be welcomed.
  • Any private data that the company holds about its employees for the purpose of payroll, or any other administrative or business process will be kept confidential from anyone that does not need it, will be used exclusively for the purpose for which it was collected, and will be destroyed once it is no longer needed.

About our suppliers

  • We will select our suppliers based on objective criteria and will treat them with integrity, and expect the same from them.
  • We expect our suppliers to accept Keonn Technologies Code of Ethics. In fact, by accepting our purchase orders, they will be doing so, and we expect that they hold the same ethical and integrity standards towards their employees, suppliers, customers, and other business partners as we do.
  • We will not accept inappropriate gifts or favors that try to influence our procurement decisions outside of accepted ethical business practices.

About our investors

  • We expect our investors to behave with ethics and integrity, communicating with the necessary transparency, and avoiding conflicts of interest as much as possible. If conflicts of interest arise, we expect them to be disclosed promptly so they can be resolved.
  • We commit to communicating with full transparency with our investors, giving them all the necessary information for them to evaluate the evolution of their investment in Keonn, and doing so promptly and frequently.
  • We will keep a detailed accounting that reflects the actual financial situation of the company.
  • We will prevent and fight any possibility of fraud.
  • We will use the company’s assets exclusively in the best interest of the company.
  • We will manage risk in a sensible and responsible way, avoiding decisions that may jeopardize the survival of the company.

About the market

  • We operate in the global market and we will comply with the applicable legislation and regulation both at a global and national level in every country where we operate.
  • We will compete and expect everyone else to compete in an ethical manner, avoiding any practices that go against a free market, and especially that contravene the legislation enacted to protect it.
  • We will operate with ethics and integrity when researching the market, and especially when researching our competitors.
  • We will not participate in and we will not tolerate any form of corruption, especially bribery.
  • We will make our best effort to protect our intellectual property, but also commit to never knowingly infringe the intellectual property of others. We will always seek amicable and fair agreements when using someone else’s intellectual property.

About the community

  • We will make our best effort to operate our business in a way that minimizes any negative impacts on the environment, and we commit to respect all applicable legislation in this domain. To this end, we will make an effort and define specific teams and processes to minimize our energy and water consumption, and to minimize the waste we generate.
  • We will always try to make a positive impact in our local community, including local suppliers, local centers for middle and higher education, and any other community members that may be affected by our activities.
  • We respect the freedom of all our employees to be politically active, but at the same time commit to never let these personal activities influence any business decisions. Any political activity in which Keonn engages shall be in the best interest of the company.