Points of sale

RFID reader for points of sale
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Fast point of sale

AdvanPay-120 is a high power RFID UHF reader POS that increases the speed of payment at cash registers.

Adaptable to your needs

AdvanPay-120 comes in three models:


  1. Flush mount (installed recessed in surface)
  2. Under table mount (installed underneath the surface)
  3. Desktop mount (installed on a surface)


AdvanPay-120 integrates:

  • An antenna with a highly confined reading area
  • Keyboard emulation by hardware. It’s not needed to install any software at the POS
  • On-board loudspeaker
  • Functionalities specifically designed to address the needs of staff at retail stores

Business benefits of the product

Highly controlled reading area
Automatic integration with most software applications, through hardware keyboard emulation
Easy installation and monitoring
Queues reduction, thanks to a much faster payment process
Improvement in the customer shopping experience derived from a shorter payment time
Reduction in employee costs
Simultaneous item detection and EAS flag activation/deactivation