Pencil beam antenna
Data sheet

Compact RFID UHF 3x3

Advantenna-p33 is a compact RFID UHF 3×3 elements patch antenna with circular polarization and a radiation pattern characterized by a pencil beam shape (40°/40°)


This radiation pattern makes this antenna ideal for many RFID applications such as overhead real-time inventory systems, magic mirrors and fitting rooms.


A set of Advantenna-p33 can be installed hanging from the ceiling in order to identify and locate tagged items in a given space in real -time.


In retail stores, Advantenna-p33 can be installed at the ceiling, over each fitting room. In this position, and thanks to its high directivity, the RFID system detects the RFID tags located in the corresponding fitting room, while minimizing the detection of items located in neighboring fitting rooms or in areas nearby.


Business benefits:

  • Narrow beam in two directions
  • High gain
  • Very thin form factor