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Smart mirror
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Interactive mirror

AdvanMirror is a product recommendation and cross-selling system for retail stores.


This interactive system uses RFID technology and a touch screen integrated with a mirror to improve the shopping experience of customers at retail stores.


Customers, next to their reflection, see images of the products they have picked up, detailed information about these products and receive product recommendations.

Engaging experience

  1. The customer picks an item he finds interesting.
  2. The customer approaches the product to AdvanMirror, and the RFID subsystem of AdvanMirror detects it.
  3. The screen of AdvanMirror shows both customer reflection and images of the product, together with information like colors and sizes available, composition, price, etc. The customer also receives recommendations of matching products and accessories.
  4. With AdvanMirror touch screen, the customer can browse through other products, request that an employee brings one product, etc.

Bussiness benefits of the product

Increases sales at retail stores
Increases conversion rate
Increases cross-selling
Improves the customer shopping experience
Provides recommendations
Fun to use
Advertising space
Generates information about user interests
The content and user interface can be updated remotely