Keonn RFID payment systems for omnichannel strategy

Points of sale

A big Italian retailer has installed Keonn’s RFID systems in 25 stores, as part of its omnichannel strategy.


Temera, experts in RFID solutions for high-end fashion retailers, has installed AdvanPay-110 in the stores’ payment desks.

AdvanPay is an RFID reader for points of sale that has a highly confined reading area and advanced POS features.


With AdvanPay, the payment process becomes much faster and the queues at checkouts are reduced, improving the customer experience and hence, increasing the retailers’ sales.


Also, the information registered by AdvanPay is used to improve the stock accuracy.


In the following months, Temera will install AdvanPay-110 in a total of 130 stores.

Faster payments
Reduced queues
Sales increased

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