Automatic inventory & tracking

Real-time inventory and location system
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Overhead system

AdvanTrack-600 is an overhead RFID-based system that provides real-time inventory and location of all tagged items in a given space. Examples of such spaces are retail stores, small warehouses, hospital areas, etc.


AdvanTrack-600 achieves very high read rate and provides the location of each RFID tag with an accuracy of 1-2 metres.


Each unit covers an area between 20 m2 and 60 m2 depending on the tag density.


AdvanTrack-600 is very easy and inexpensive to install: it is powered by Power over Ethernet and requires no RF cables.


By providing real time inventory, AdvanTrack-600 allows retailers to increase on shelf availability, sales and customer satisfaction as well as to reduce time and workload of inventory cycle counts. This leads to more satisfied customers and more productive employees.

Bussiness benefits of the product

Persistent, accurate, and automated inventory
Real-time location of items
Reduction of stock-outs
Shrinkage reduction
Higher control of assets