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Encoding station
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Encode everywhere

AdvanStation-100 is an encoding station for paper and hard RFID UHF tags.


AdvanStation-100 encodes easily and quickly hundreds or thousands of RFID tags at retail stores, offices, distribution centers, warehouses, and other spaces.

AdvanStation-100 includes

  • Internal RFID reader with embedded computer
  • RFID antenna
  • Barcode scanner
  • Magnet for facilitating the placement of RFID hard tags
  • Visual indicators
  • Frame and casing
  • Software drivers

Plug and play

AdvanStation works stand alone.


It does not require any connection to an external computer or to Internet, nor any installation. It only needs to be powered, and it starts encoding.


AdvanStation uses the SGTIN standard of GS1 for generating the EPC code of the encoded RFID tags.


AdvanStation can encode the RFID tags with password protection. In this way, the tags can not be rewritten without the password, which increases the security of the overall application.

Business benefits of the product

Easy, fast and effective encoding
Stand alone: encodes anywhere
Plug and play
Compatible with hard tags and paper tags
Password protection