Automatic inventory & tracking

Smart shelves
Data sheet

Real-time inventory and location

AdvanShelf is a smart shelf system based on RFID UHF, that provides inventory in real-time, with high read-rate and high location resolution.


In addition, AdvanShelf provides real-time location of tagged items, with a typical resolution of ±40 cm (±15 inches).


This functionality can be used to detect misplaced items, locate any item, generate a real-time planogram, etc.

Modular solution

AdvanShelf can be adapted to metallic, plastic, and wood-made shelves, of any size and color.


It is complete solution that includes:

Business benefits

Reduction of out-of-stocks and misplaced items
Reduction of expired products
Fast location of products
Sales increase by making recommendations to customers
Fast picking of products for returns
Calculation of sales per shelf position
More efficient vendor-managed inventory
Shrinkage reduction