Points of sale

RFID reader with hard tag detacher for points of sale
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Fast point of sale

AdvanPay-170 is a high power RFID reader for POS with hard tag detacher that increases the speed of payment at cash registers.

AdvanPay-170 integrates:

  • An antenna with a highly confined reading area
  • A hard tag detacher
  • Keyboard wedge by hardware. It is not necessary to install any software at the POS.
  • Functionalities specifically designed to address the needs of staff at retail stores, libraries, and other spaces

Business benefits of the product

Combines 2 processes in one (hard tag detachment and product identification)
Offers 3 operation modes: payment mode, return mode, and read-only mode
High power
Highly confined reading area
Easy, flexible installation and monitoring
Queues reduction, thanks to a much faster payment process
Improvement in the customer shopping experience derived from a shorter payment time