Loss prevention

RFID alarm unit
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Together with AdvanMat

AdvanGuard is an RFID UHF alarm unit for loss prevention at retail stores, libraries and other spaces.


It comprises an embedded reader and alarm combining loss prevention and RFID functions in one system.


It connects easily to various RFID antennas. It is ideal for combining it with AdvanMat RFID floor mat, for creating a complete loss prevention system.

Acoustic and visual alarm

  1. AdvanGuard is connected to chosen RFID antennas or systems
  2. AdvanGuard detects the tagged items under the coverage of the antennas
  3. AdvanGuard verifies if those items have been paid or fulfill a condition
  4. AdvanGuard triggers an acoustic and/or visual alarm if any of the items has not been paid or does not fulfill a condition

Business benefits of the product

Theft reduction
Combination of loss prevention and RFID in one system
Provides data to detect which product suffer more theft attempts
Statistics of alarms
Connects easily to various RFID antennas
Built-in LEDs indicate which antenna has detected the stolen item
Plug and play installation