Points of sale

Self-checkout RFID modular system
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Reduces queues

AdvanGo is an RFID-based modular solution that identifies faster and with higher reliability all the products a customer wants to buy.


As a result, the payment process it’s accelerated, reducing queues, which improves the customer shopping experience and increases sales.

Confined reading

This system has a special on-board software for confining the reading area, which avoids reading unwanted RFID tags.


AdvanGo can be used together with AdvanSafe, AdvanMat or AdvanGate to provide a complete loss prevention system fully based on RFID UHF.

Modular POS

It can be used for different types

of self checkout:

  • Wall mount
  • Desktop
  • Bag well
  • Basket


AdvanGo comprises:

  • High power RFID reader
  • Antennas
  • RF cables
  • Power supply
  • Specific on-board software
  • AdvanCloud platform (optional)

Business benefits of the product

Combines 2 processes in one (hard tag detachment and product identification)
Offers 3 operation modes: payment mode, return mode, and read-only mode
High power
Highly confined reading area
Easy, flexible installation and monitoring
Queues reduction, thanks to a much faster payment process
Improvement in the customer shopping experience derived from a shorter payment time