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Self-checkout RFID modular system
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Reduces queues

AdvanGo is an RFID-based modular solution that identifies faster and with higher reliability all the products a customer wants to buy.


As a result, the payment process it’s accelerated, reducing queues, which improves the customer shopping experience and increases sales.

Confined reading

This system has a special on-board software for confining the reading area, which avoids reading unwanted RFID tags.


It reads the EPC codes of the products being purchased while simultaneously deactivating the EAS flag of such products, for loss prevention.


AdvanGo can be used together with AdvanSafe, AdvanMat or AdvanGate to provide a complete loss prevention system fully based on RFID UHF.

Modular POS

It can be used for different types

of self checkout:

  • Wall mount
  • Desktop
  • Bag well
  • Basket


AdvanGo comprises:

  • High power RFID reader
  • Antennas
  • RF cables
  • Power supply
  • Specific on-board software
  • AdvanCloud platform (optional)

Business benefits of the product

Combines 2 processes in one (hard tag detachment and product identification)
Offers 3 operation modes: payment mode, return mode, and read-only mode
High power
Highly confined reading area
Easy, flexible installation and monitoring
Queues reduction, thanks to a much faster payment process
Improvement in the customer shopping experience derived from a shorter payment time