Automatic inventory & tracking

High performance transition portal
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Automatic control in real time

AdvanFlow is an RFID-based transition portal that allows the retailer to keep full control of the stock in real time. In this way, the retailer replenishes or restocks items when needed, which improves the customer shopping experience and increases sales.


AdvanFlow is placed in the space between the stock room and the store front, and detects the tagged items being moved from back to front and vice versa.


Direction detection is done automatically without the need of any external sensors.

Detected items are uploaded directly to AdvanCloud or are sent to 3rd party systems.

Control in-store stock movements

This inventory system is specially designed for areas with tagged items in close proximity.


AdvanFlow-100 comprises:

  • RFID reading point
  • High quality touchscreen


AdvanFlow200 comprises:

  • High power RFID reader
  • Two reading columns. This expands the active reading area and helps detecting direction of movement
  • Optional: AdvanCloud software

Bussiness benefits of the product

Sales increase in retail stores by keeping full control of the stock in real time
Automatic direction detection without the need of physical sensors
Automatic classification between legitimate tags and stray tags
Self-correction of invalid IN/OUT movements
Automatic detection when stray tags are part of a movement