Interactive retail systems

Wall mount smart fitting room
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Fitting rooms of the future

AdvanFitting-300 is a cost-effective RFID-based system specially designed for fitting rooms at retail stores.


This interactive system uses RFID technology and a touch screen to improve the customer shopping experience at retail stores.


AdvanFitting-300 unit is installed into the wall of the fitting room.

Attended customers

The system is recessed into the wall, so all the electronics are hidden. The electronics are behind the wall, and the only visible part for shoppers is the screen, and optionally, the frame.


AdvanFitting-300 detects the garments with RFID tags taken by customers into each fitting room.


This information can be used to interact with the customer through a touch screen, allowing the customer to ask for another size or colour without leaving the fitting room, and by recommending complementary products for cross-selling purposes.


As a result, AdvanFitting-300 increases the conversion rates at fitting rooms and increases the sales of the retailer.

Easy content management

The content and the user interface of

AdvanFitting-300can be remotely updated very easily by means of the AdvanCloud cloud-based software.


AdvanFitting also includes software algorithms for minimizing cross-reads.


By painting the fitting rooms with AdvanPaint,

cross-reads are practically eliminated.

Bussiness benefits of the product

Cost-effective solution
Increases sales at retail stores
mproves the customer shopping experience
Provides recommendations
Fun to use
Generates information about user interests
The content and user interface can be remotely updated
Easy connection and installation