Nead field antenna
Data sheet

Thin and strong

Advantenna-L11 is a compact near-field RFID UHF Antenna, with a very thin form factor, and strong and even magnetic field distribution within its detection zone. When used with inductive near-field tags the reading area can be confined to the vicinity of the antenna.


This thin form factor and the wide coverage area in the near-field zone of the antenna make this antenna ideal for many RFID applications such as points of sales, desktop applications, smart tables or other surfaces.


Advantenna-L11 features:


  • compact near-field RFID UHF Antenna
  • very thin form factor (13 mm with flange connector)
  • strong and even magnetic field distribution within its detection zone
  • dual band: ETSI and FCC

Business benefits:

  • Readings confined to the vicinity of the antenna when used with near-field tags
  • Very thin form factor
  • Good performance
  • Cost effective