RFID power splitter
Data sheet

For RFID UHF applications

AdvanSplitter-4 is a high performance four port power splitter designed for RFID UHF applications.


It is ideal for systems where reading speed is critical and tag location is not determinant.


AdvanSplitter-4 can feed up to 4 antennas simultaneously in order to scan an area much faster than using multiplexers.


It can also combine different Keonn antennas in new ways, creating new antennas with longer read range and narrower beamwidth.

AdvanSplitter-4 can therefore be used to create new antennas adapted to the needs of each RFID application. This flexibility allows to find the optimal antenna solution for any RFID project.


In addition, it has very low insertion loss, typically 0.7 dB above the 6 dB split.


This power splitter has been designed to keep its performance even when one or some ports are not connected to any antenna.

Benefits of AdvanSplitter-4

Very low insertion loss
Very fast and easy connection
Scans areas much faster than multiplexers
Flexibility in creating the optimal antenna solution
Supports unbalanced loads