Reader with integrated antenna and confined reading area
Data sheet

Confined reading area

AdvanReader-70A is a high-performance, high-flexibility reader with integrated antenna ideal for check-in / check-out applications of items, people and assets.


This component has high output power (27 dBm) and high sensitivity and its confined beam antenna allows to control very well the reading area, even with far field tags, avoiding in this way stray reads.

AdvanReader-70A features:

AdvanReader-70A has an on-board microcomputer and a fully open Linux operating system and comes with a comprehensive set of built-in HW/SW communication options:


  • USB HID emulation: allows generating keyboard events based on Reader events
  • HTTP: user-configurable HTTP request generation based on Reader events
  • MQTT: user-configurable MQTT packet generation based on Reader events
  • SQL: user-configurable SQL sentence generation based on Reader events
  • TCP: real-time TCP socket of Reader events

AdvanReader-70A benefits

High flexibility
Compact design
Highly controlled reading area
Easy installation, configuration and integration