Connection boards

Data sheet

Controlling Keonn products

AdvanGPIO is a connection board that makes it very easy to control some Keonn products through the GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) of many RFID UHF reader models.


AdvanGPIO allows to connect the following Keonn products:


  • AdvanMux-8 (eight port RFID multiplexer)
  • AdvanMux-16 (sixteen port RFID multiplexer)
  • AdvanPhaser-2:4 (RFID phase shifter)

to RFID readers of vendors like Impinj, Motorola, Sirit , Alien and ThingMagic.


In this way, the above mentioned Keonn products can be easily controlled by sending simple commands to the reader, without the need of developing software libraries.

Benefits of AdvanGPIO-100

Very fast and easy connection
Makes it very easy to control Keonn multiplexers and phase shifters by RFID readers
Compatible with most reader models
Wide input voltage range