RFID reduces infections during surgeries

Automatic inventory & tracking
Important information about the procedure is shown on the screen

The US average of infections during surgeries is about 2%.


RFID minimizes this risk by tracking surgical tools in the room and reducing the need of leaving the room during the procedure.


The University of Rochester Medical Center has installed RFID technology in its mobile healthcare units for orthopedic surgeries, providing useful data as:


  • Patient’s identity and medical records
  • Patient’s med allergies
  • How long took the procedure
  • Register cleaning between surgeries
  • Correct placement of the cart with surgical tools, avoiding dirt and bacteria

In this project, managed and installed by Silent Partner, Keonn readers (AdvanReader-160) and antennas (Advantenna-SP11 and Advantenna-SP12) have been installed in the surgical rooms.

Risk of infections reduced
Inventory and tracking of surgical tools
Patient's medical information in real time

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