RFID-based soap dispensers and doors for hospitals

Automatic inventory & tracking
Employee using the soap dispenser before entering a room
Hospital Clinic of Barcelona

In order to ensure the highest hygiene standards and save lives, Hospital Clínic from Barcelona is using RFID-based disinfectant dispensers for its medical staff.


The RFID-based soap dispensers detect when a medic/nurse washes hands, and the Keonn RFID system placed at the doors of the intensive care units opens the door only to those that have washed their hands recently.


Inside the room, another Keonn RFID reader and antenna identifies the medic and shows information about the patient on a screen.

These systems use Keonn AdvanReader-60 and Advantenna-P11.


This project has been managed and integrated by our partner IDaliza, an RFID integrator.

Compliance of hygiene protocols verified
Control of staff entering the room

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