Keonn readers and antennas for tracking rental vehicles

Automatic inventory & tracking
Keonn readers and antennas installed in rental car field entrance
Rental car field exit

Traceability of rental cars is indispensable to detect breaches of contract, delays in delivery, repair times and car cleaning.


A car rental company is using Keonn readers and antennas located at the entrances and exits of the fields and workshops.


This project, managed by Movion, a systems integrator specialized in traceability, uses Android PDAs with AdvanReader-70 and Advantenna-SP11 and a cloud-based Android application to track all vehicle movements.


The inventory of a field takes now just half an hour, when previously took 2-3 days, the information is much more accurate, and the resulting process optimization has reduced the company costs.

Faster inventories
Accurate information
Company cost reduction

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