AdvanLook increases sales by 25% in Holavisio stores

Interactive retail systems
Loss prevention
Points of sale
Tag encoding
Customers love to use AdvanLook
Holavisió has become a store of the future

Holavisio, an eyewear retail chain, has observed powerful sales uplift of 25% in its stores with AdvanLook, Keonn RFID-based interactive product recommender.


Together with AdvanLook, Holavisio has installed a wide range of Keonn RFID systems in its store:
– AdvanStation for encoding the RFID tags
– AdvanScan for taking inventory
– AdvanPay for accelerating the payment process
– AdvanGate for loss-prevention
Watch video here.


“Customers remember our stores because of AdvanLook. It is our main differentiator. And it boosts our sales”, says Ricard Puig, General Manager of Holavisio.


The installation and integration has been carried out by B2interiors, an interior design company.

25% more sales
Happy customers
Modern store

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