Automatic inventory & tracking

RFID robot for inventory and location
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Highest accuracy inventory system

Robin is a mobile and autonomous RFID system that performs automatically the inventory of a given space, for instance, a retail store or a low-ceiling warehouse, that provides a higher RFID inventory accuracy than handheld readers.


It operates completely autonomously: the user indicates when inventories should be taken and the robot starts when it is scheduled. After each inventory, the robot goes back to its docking station to charge.

Completely autonomous

Robin also locates each tagged item in 2 dimensions (x and y).


This information can be processed to generate a planogram of the items inside a space.


The information generated by Robin can be used to help employees detecting misplaced items, to accelerate picking and return management, for money mapping purposes, and other operational processes.


Robin can move in all directions, since it can rotate without displacement.


The robot has a modular design for ease of maintenance and transport.

Robin includes:

  • RFID system with 8 antennas, 4 on each side, capable of achieving very high read rate and a high location accuracy.
  • Navigation system.
  • Anti-collision sensors.
  • App for controlling Robin with a smart phone or tablet.
  • Docking and charging station.

Business benefits

Increased RFID inventory accuracy compared to handheld readers
2D automatic inventory
Cost reduction in inventory taking
Fast and easy detection of misplaced items
Acceleration of picking for return management
Easily moves around any given space
Synchronized tag reading and movement
Very high read rate