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RFID-based sanitizer
Data sheet

Contactless hand hygiene

AdvanWash is an RFID-based sanitizer that ensures that staff washes hands; an essential matter in some sectors in order to keep the highest hygiene standards and protect people’s health.


Examples of such sectors are: supermarkets, restaurants, bars, school and business canteens, hospitals, clinics, care homes, etc.


Until now, there was no automatic way to verify if staff wash or disinfect their hands when required and alert or keep track of those who have not.


For instance:
When staff use the restroom and before resuming work
Before staff enter a restricted area, such as an Intensive Care Unit at a hospital

Track and alert

AdvanWash includes an electronic dispenser with a sensor that detects the presence of the user’s hands to automatically dispense soap or hydrogel.


Then, the person who has just washed hands is available to enter the room or resuming work.


This tracking system also reads the user’s badge to identify the user and track or alert if the person have not washed hands.


AdvanWash is a modular solution that solves the problem of poor hand hygiene in a very efficient way and at a very reasonable cost.

Business benefits of the product

Ensures that staff wash hands
Ensures that only authorized staff who have washed hands can enter a restricted area
Improves hygiene levels
Verifies the compliance of hygiene protocols
Enforces hygiene protocols
Modular structure adaptable to multiple use cases
Easy to install and to use