Who we are

Keonn is a manufacturer of RFID hardware and software products for different sectors, like retail, healthcare, libraries, industry, logistics, etc.

  • Keonn provides RFID systems mainly for the retail and healthcare sectors.
  • Keonn also provides RFID UHF components, like antennas, multiplexers, and readers for any industry.

Keonn always works through partners, such as system integrators, solution providers, digital signage companies and sensory marketing companies.

These partners combine Keonn products with other products, develop the software application suited to the needs of the end customer, and provide the installation, integration, and maintenance services.

If you want to become one of our partners, please contact us.

Keonn’s team is comprised of experienced engineers and PhDs with a deep knowledge in fields like radiofrequency, antennas, electronics, firmware and cloud-based software.

If you are interested in receiving more detailed information about us, feel free to contact us.